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Only a few certainly recognizable microconchs of the Cardioceratidae have been illustrated previously - for Arcticoceras ishmae and Arctocephalites arcticus (Callornon, 1975), for Arcticoceras/Cadoceras sp. nov.? aff. variabile Spath (Callornon and Birkelund, 1980, PI. 1, fig. 2a, b), and for Arcticoceras harlandi Rawson (1982). ) gave a new specific name to the presumed microconch of A. harlandi and a new generic name, Costacadoceras, to the morphotype that is thought to represent the microconch of the entire lineage of Arcticoceras and many Arctocephalites.

A. Jeletzky, 1958. "Unit 2, 132-133 feet above its base". From beds 36, 37, or 38 of this report. 92534 Same as above. Bed 44. 92535 Same as above. Bed 46. 35619 Same as above. "Unit 2, 141-143 feet above its base". From Bed 40 of this report. 92536 Same as above. Bed 47. 92537 Same as above. Bed 51. 35631 Same as above. "Unit 4, 3 feet above its base". From some part of beds 47 to 50 of this report. 92538 Same as above. Bed 52. 92539 Same as above. Bed 53. 92540 Same as above. Bed 60. 92543 Same as above.

92522 Same as above. Bed 2. 92523 Same as above. Bed 7. 92525 Same as above. Bed 22. 92527 Same as above. Bed 24. 92529 Same as above. Bed 28. 92530 Same as above. Loose on section at Bed 30, not far fallen. ) GSC loc. Number Collector, date, stratigraphic and locality data GSC loc. K. Norris, 1973. Talus on beach below section. C-95366 Same as above. Bed 59. L. Detterman, 1981. A single concretion loose on section near its south end, derived from Bed 62. C-95367 Same as above. Bed 68c. C-95368 Same as above.

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