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Realizing which phrases to take advantage of and the way to take advantage of them is vital to speaking effectively and successfully. That’s why multiple million humans have used this publication to enhance their vocabularies.

To discover which phrases you totally want to know, The Princeton evaluation researched the vocabularies of expert adults by way of studying significant newspapers and books and targeting the phrases that folks misunderstand or misuse. We additionally tested the SAT and different standardized checks to figure out which phrases are established so much frequently.

All of the entries in Word clever, 4th Edition are worthwhile for a powerful vocabulary, and studying and utilizing those phrases successfully might actually help to recuperate grades, ranking better on assessments, and speak extra hopefully at work.

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A person who is averse to doing something is a person who doesn’t want to do it. To be averse to something is to be opposed to doing it—to have an aversion to doing it. THE WORDS 47 AESTHETIC (es THET ik) adj having to do with artistic beau ty; artistic • Our art professor had a highly developed aesthetic sense; he found things to admire in paintings that, to us, looked like gar bage. Someone who admires beautiful things greatly can be called an aesthete (ES theet). Aesthetics is the study of beauty or principles of beauty.

Check your answers in the back of the book. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 42 abash abate abdicate aberration abhor abject abnegate abortive abridge absolute absolve a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. step down from power hopeless unsuccessful forgive total subside detest shorten deviation embarrass renounce WORD SMART ABSTINENT (AB stuh nunt) adj abstaining; voluntarily not doing some thing, es pe cial ly something pleasant that is bad for you or has a bad rep u ta tion • Beulah used to be a chain-smoker; now she’s abstinent (it was just too hard to get those chains lit).

H. i. opposed to friendly rich unnatural behavior artistic contaminate sympathy unfavorable program AGGREGATE (AG ruh gut) n sum total; a col lec tion of sep a rate things mixed to geth er • Chili is an aggregate of meat and beans. Aggregate (AG ruh gayt) can also be a verb or an ad jec tive. You would make chili by aggregating meat and beans. Chili is an ag­ gre gate (AG ruh gut) food. Similar and related words include congregate, seg re gate, and in te ­ grate. To aggregate is to bring together; to congregate is to get to­ gether; to segregate is to keep apart (or separate); to in te grate is to unite.

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