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India: A Million Mutinies Now

A brand new York occasions awesome Book

Nobel laureate V. S. Naipaul’s impassioned and prescient travelogue of his trips via his ancestral place of origin, with a brand new preface by way of the author.
Arising out of Naipaul’s lifelong obsession and keenness for a rustic that's right now his and completely alien, India: one million Mutinies Now relates the tales of the various humans he met touring there greater than fifty years in the past. He explores how they've been urged via the innumerable frictions found in Indian society—the contradictions and compromises of spiritual religion, the whim and chaos of random political forces. This ebook represents Naipaul’s final be aware on his fatherland, complementing his different India travelogues, a space of Darkness and India: A Wounded Civilization.

Song of Kali

"O poor spouse of Siva / Your tongue is consuming the blood, / O darkish mom! O unclad mom. " it truly is amazing that ahead of penning this first novel, Dan Simmons had spent basically and a part days in Calcutta, a urban "too depraved to be suffered," his narrator says. thankfully again in print after numerous years within which it was once challenging to procure, this wealthy, extraordinary novel essentially reeks with surroundings.

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Opposite to renowned narratives, marketplace Integration in Europe and India exhibits that Europe's upward push to its present prestige as an undisputed international fiscal chief used to be now not the impact of the economic Revolution, nor can or not it's defined by way of coal or colonial exploitation. utilizing a wealth of latest ancient facts stretching from the 17th to the 20th century, Roman Studer indicates that the nice Divergence happened within the 17th century, if now not prior.

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When I was Ambassador in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in the 1940s the wife of the Dean of the diplomatic corps, which means the senior most ambassador. Sir Neville Butler, found a cure for Brazilian unpunctuality. m. m. m. punctually dinner was served and the gates were closed. Brazilian dignitaries who were late were told to go home as they were late for dinner. They never came late again! During the last many years I, along with a couple of my colleagues, have interviewed candidates for senior management positions.

We have at least twenty-five but we are still not satisfied and are happy when someone dies and a holiday is declared. How absurd! I remember when I was a schoolboy, when a teacher or somebody died we boys left our schools gleefully shouting ‘holiday-holiday’. A friend of mine has calculated how much an Indian government employee works throughout the year. It is disastrously low. According to him it works out to 1440 hours here in India in con-trast to 2180 hours a year in Japan. But even this is misleading.

In 1941, when Mahatma Gandhi had to select one man at a time to break the law in India as a satyagrahi, he ignored all the politicians of the day and chose Acharya Vinobha Bhave since he considered him to be the most disciplined man he knew. Gandhiji was right. It has been said that Alexander the Great conquered the world, but he could not conquer himself. That is, a conqueror of men, lacked self control. How sad. 16 SAYING ‘NO’ Discipline consists in saying ‘yes’ to reasonable rules and orders but saying ‘no’ to wrong or op-pressive orders.

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