By Katherine Young

This booklet examines alterations that ensue within the conjugal relationship at the present time. the writer concludes that as 'affective individualism' is used to represent glossy marriages within the West, 'affective familism' is a extra acceptable personality of marriages one of the chinese language in Hong Kong.

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ENRICH provides individual scores for each of the 14 subscales but no total score. The individual percentage scores for each husband and wife are revised according to responses on idealistic distortion to account for answers influenced by social conventions. 05 and adaptability was not significant. ) ENRICH also provides a couples score, PCA for positive couple agreement, derived from pairing the husband's and wife's individual responses to arrive at ajoint assessment which emphasizes the collaborative set of marital transactions.

Discussed/considered terminating relationship. Regret getting married. Frequency of calmly discussed something. 27% of those spouses who have or have not considered divorce. ) The Multiple Facets of Living As mentioned previously, the position taken by ENRICH is that marriage incorporates multiple facets of living. The partners' experience in all of these areas in combination determines their satisfaction and general wellbeing. ENRICH provides individual scores for each of the 14 subscales but no total score.

An example of this is the statement on agreement or disagreement over sexual relations. From the wording, it is unclear whether the referent point addresses the degree of agreement, or the degree of sexual exchange (Fincham and Bradbury, 1987; Huston and Robins, 1982; Norton, 1983). The uneven weighting of the subscales has also been criticized by other researchers on the ground that the contribution of each of the four dimensions to overall adjustment is not balanced or explained (Fincham and Bradbury, 1987; Norton, 1983).

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