By Michael Drapkin

On the net, you need to by no means be greater than three clicks clear of the data you need3 Clicks Away promises the collective adventure of 3 wonderful net strategists who've led e-commerce projects for such striking organizations as Gateway, Dow Jones, iVillage, Nickelodeon, and Casio. This booklet is a tactical consultant that demonstrates the way to increase e-commerce technique, revamp the association in order that it will probably aid e-commerce tasks, and deal with complicated multidisciplinary initiatives. three Clicks Away presents the suggestions and instruments executives and bosses have to effectively release and preserve e-commerce websites. It offers serious info on organizational, monetary, and undertaking administration strategies.

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This quote drives the point home: The Internet’s pace of adoption eclipses all other technologies that preceded it. Radio was in existence 38 years before 50 million people tuned in; TV took 13 years to reach that benchmark. Sixteen years after the first PC kit came out, 50 million people were using one. 2 The invention of the web was simultaneous with the invention of HTML (hypertext markup language) and HTTP (hypertext transport protocol). The creation of these technologies and their realization (the first web browser and web server), and therefore of the web itself, is accredited to Tim Berners-Lee, a computer scientist.

Amazon realized very quickly that to ensure that its products arrived on time, were beautifully packed (with the packing slip placed just so), and were wrapped in enough material to prevent damage, their own employees had to do the picking, packing, and shipping at a warehouse. Also, to maximize the efficiency for the warehouse operation and to have better control over the product procurement delivery stream, Amazon needed to own and control the whole process. com reality is very different from the original proposition.

A social consensus has created an environment in which everyone agrees to faithfully forward any information that wants to pass through them, lest someone deny their own data safe passage at some later date. The Internet is now an impossibly complex aggregation of thousands upon thousands of different networks that agree principally on a common addressing system, and a few common protocols for communicating and packaging data. All else is chaos, but these few standards are enough to allow a computer in Namibia to reach a server in Monaco via Cleveland.

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