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120). 30 and did not deviate much for a large number of different glasses. These findings were in agreement with earlier experimental results by Bestul and Chang (144), and Passaglia and Kevorkian (145). Moreover, in recognizing that the transition probability of a "cooperatively rearranging region" (upon which as least part of the theory rests) is related to the reciprocal of the relaxation time in kinetic theories, Adam and Gibbs by means of a temperature shift factor (~r) arrived at a formula: - log ~r = [al ( T - T~)] [a 2 + ( T - T~)] (7) of the WLF (William, Landel and Ferry) type in which the "universal but not alwa}'s right" Williams parameters C 1 and C z are replaced by a t and a z.

Ref. (206)] The melting point of folded chain polyethylene single crystals as shown in curve 4 has been studied over a wide heating rate range by Wunderlich (104). The decrease of T,, with increasing rate which diminishes at fast rates is typical for reorganization. The limit at about 50 ° C/min corresponds to the zero entropy production path for this polymer in which the metastable folded chain conformations are directly transformed into the supercooled melt. IF) Effect of Solution Stirring (Fibrillar Structures).

5% Polystyrene - 43% Triacetate Triproprionate Tributyrate Trivalerate Tricaproate Triheptanoate Tridecanoate 167 167 167 167 167 167 167 164 168 63 Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) X. Cellulose esters 134 (0) 165 62 Poly (dimethyl siloxane) (PDS) 165 166 167 61 Poly hexameth~lene adipamide ( P I ~ I A) (partially crystalline} IX. 61% Polyethylene terephthalate- Ref. No. 92 5,04 A~* Ac~ (cm3-g -1) vo--- % 445 406 365 289 223 t84 204 360 360 150 . 3 -- 8,5 . . 5 . 44 .... 14 . . . . . . . . . .

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