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This publication is a gorgeous source for someone doing an online startup or
a software program startup. Bob Walsh will educate you ways to make your startup

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They are working on fun projects, and it is very difficult for a startup to lure them away from what they are doing to take on a risky startup in the boom times. In the bad times, people are laid off, exciting new projects are cancelled, companies retrench and focus on the core competencies, so some of the exciting stuff isn’t getting done. So, in these times it is easier to recruit great people to come work on the next big thing. So, that is the advantage of starting a company in difficult times.

I did five startups. Some of them you’ll know and some of them are obscure tools and database companies. But the first one was Forte Software. That was back in the late ’80s, early ’90s. And the company went public in the early ’90s and was acquired by Sun Microsystems soon thereafter. The next one was AltaVista. Bob: Oh, yeah. Don: I was the director of engineering at AltaVista, and of course we were the first search engine on the Web and I started out doing that. And then later I put together a group that developed the first multimedia search, searching for pictures and video and music, which seems pretty simple now, but 10 or 12 years ago it was impossible.

So, the whole industry will pop. And all these venture capitalists wanted their money back and banks called their loans and it went pop. So, you’d have a high chance of failure. But if you set up that company in 2009, for start you’re not going to do a stupid idea, which has a low chance of success in a recession, because you’re just not going to be that stupid. If you’re going to be that stupid, then you’re not going to get money for a start. So, if the quality of the ideas that you have or the quality of the ideas that are going to fly are going to be better in a recession or at the beginning of the recession, they are going to be during a boom.

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