By Eunny P. Lee

This examine explores the interaction among the commendation of pleasure and the injunction to worry God in Ecclesiastes. past reports have tended to check those possible antithetical issues in isolation from each other. Seeing leisure and worry to be certainly correlated, even if, permits a clean articulation of the book’s theology. delight in existence lies on the middle of Qohelet’s imaginative and prescient of piety, that could be characterised as devoted realism, calling for an genuine engagement with either the tragic and joyous dimensions of human life.

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To be sure, Ecclesiastes is by no means a systematic treatise with a clearly recognizable structure. But neither is it a random assortment of 11 A d d i s o n G. W r i g h t , " T h e R i d d l e of the S p h i n x : T h e S t r u c t u r e of the Book of Q o h e l e t h , " CBQ 3 0 (1968): 3 1 3 — 3 4 . This l a n g u a g e w a s a p p a r e n t l y first coined b y E. P l u m p t r e in Ecclesiastes, or the Preacher (BC 23; C a m b r i d g e : C a m b r i d g e University Press, 1898), 7; and later a d o p t e d b y B.

22 T h e division of the book into two broad sections ("Doctrinal" and " A d m o n i t o r y " ) w a s proposed as early as 1612, by Piscator, one of the first interpreters to propose a structure for Ecclesiastes (according to C. D. Ginsburg's survey). Christian D. , N e w York: KTAV, 1970), 1 2 3 . ' 23 William P. Brown, ' " W h a t e v e r Your Hand Finds to Do' Qohelet's W o r k Ethic," Int 55, no. 3 (July 2001): 279. 24 Rousseau, "Structure de Qohelet I 4 — 11 et plan du livre," 200—17. M a n y others recognize the importance of this refrain in the m o v e m e n t of the book, but without giving it the pride of place that Rousseau does.

Indeed, the poem may at one time have functioned that way. 65 The author carefully generates the impression of a deliberate structure through the rhythmic series of various activities, arranged in broadly antithetical pairs. So tantalizing is its semblance of 62 S e e G. Fecht, Metrik des Hebräischen und Phönizischen ( Ä A T 19; W i e s b a d e n : H a r r a s s o w i t z , 1991), 162 — 69; Luis A l o n s o Schökel, Α Manual of Hebrew Poetics (Subsidia Biblica 11; R o m e : Pontifico Istituto Biblico, 1988), 71, 198; S e o w , Ecclesiastes, 111-12.

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