By P J Harland

This article examines the best way the tale of the flood in Genesis 6-9 offers the moral query of the worth of human existence. The assets J and P are tested to determine how their mix within the canonical textual content complements interpretation. a number of issues of the tale are studied, together with the motives of the flood, the righteousness of Noah, God's repentance, construction and uncreation, the covenant and similar to God. The paintings concludes by way of arguing that the worth of human lifestyles is located in man's relation to God (Genesis 9:6).

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Only inJob 19 is it predicated of God, elsewhere it is used of humans, both Jew and Gentile alike. JE) Isa. Ji cn~ (Ps. 140:2), ::l'~ (Ps. 18:49) and 1,iD,? iD'~ (Ps. 140: 12). Placed in contrast to oon we find m~i::l (Prov. 10:6), ::l'~ (Prov. sa. 42 There is considerable disagreement over the translation of the term. HJ. W. D. Miller, Genesis }-11: Studies in Structure and 7heme, jSOTSS 8 (Sheffield, 1978), pp. 33/I 40 H. Haag, "D1:ln", 1WAT2 (1977), pp. 1050-1061, pp. 1050-1056, = TDOT4 (1980), pp.

Lamech The story of Lamech is in many ways similar to that of Cain. No details of the incident are given to us, but the song of 4:23-24 expresses Lamech's arrogance: "Adah and Zillah, hear my voice; You wives of Lamech, harken to what I say: I have slain a man for wounding me, a young man for striking me. If Cain is avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy-sevenfold". (RSV) It is unlikely that there is here a condemnation of Lamech taking two wives. Polygamy is described in the patriarchal stories but is uncondemned there; only with Deuteronomy is it criticised.

19 Yet the concerns of 6: 1-4 are not taken up in the rest of the story of the flood. 6: 1-4 contain no hint that the flood is to follow. 20 The sons of God are not mentioned in the account of the deluge, and if they were instrumental in bringing the flood, would we not hear of them again? The author of 6: 1-4 seems unaware that the Nephilim would be destroyed in the flood and neither is he aware of their reappearance in Num. 13:33. 21 In short we have here an isolated unit of obscure meaning, which does not help us to understand the cause of the flood.

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