By Louise Spilsbury

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It is shredded into fibers that are blended together spun into thread, and woven into new fabric. Because waste cotton is sorted by color, this recycled cotton does not need to be dyed with harsh chemicals, nor does it use up the water and energy needed to grow harvest, and transport new cotton. Recycled polyester is made from used water bottles and old polyester clothes. These are shredded into small pieces melted, and made into new polyester fibers to make new garments. Recycling polyester reduces oil use and the amount of synthetic items releasing toxins in landfill sites and incinerators.

Slow and successful People Tree is now a well-established brand. Safia Minney would like to open the brand’s own stores across Europe but it is very expensive. She has said that she expected profitability to take many years. This is because the company acts partly like a charity with its suppliers. It helps them build up their businesses. The company offers training and helps them set up their factories. It guarantees regular orders from suppliers and pays them half the money they will make in advance of producing the goods.

With fast fashion people see clothes on the catwalk and want to be able to buy a cheap attainable version a few weeks later. Some people are shifting to slow fashion instead. This means buying a few but better quality clothes that you wear more often and for longer. This slows the rate at which the fashion industry uses up limited resources and reduces its negative impacts on the environment. By paying more for clothes that take longer to make companies are also more likely to employ workers full-time with fair pay.

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