By Nagaraja Rao P.

В книге рассматриваются основные направления веданты (наиболее влиятельной в современной Индии философской школы): адвайта-веданта (абсолютный монизм) Шанкары, вишиштадвайта (ограниченный монизм) Рамануджи, двайта-веданта (дуализм) Мадхвы, философские аспекты идеологии Упанишад и Бхагавад-гиты, место веданты среди других систем индийской философии.

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Hi 1, 1, 3. of. , pp. , srutih pratyaksad balavati, na srutimatram THE PHILOSOPHY OF SANKARA 33 In determining which parts are authoritative, the science of interpretation adopts certain determinative marks of 1 They are, the agreement of the initial and the purport. concluding passages, repetition, novelty, fruitfulness, by eulogistic passages, and condemnation by the deprecatory passages, and intelligibility in the light glorification of reasoning. Reason, (this determinative mark of purport ), plays a more important part than is formally avowed.

The formed as an offering to God agency and the desire for the fruit. It is this positive ideal of samnyasa that has informed the doctrines of all G~ita insists 1 A. HUXLEY, 2 Gita, Chap. Ill, v, Grey Eminence, 4, p. on a of activity perdevoid of the sense of life 55-59. Chap, XVIII, vv, 2 and 7, RESUME OF INDIAN PHILOSOPHY modern Hindu the TAGORE, thinkers like RADHAKRISHNAN, Dayananda SARASVATI. is Sri 21 Mahatma GANDHI, AUROBINDO and aspect of the Gita that responsible for the active social ethics of the Hindus.

It can only knowing Brahman but only being Brahman. be known in the non-relational form. Brahman know* is experience attained by disciplined souls who have purified their minds by the performance of the duties laid down in the scriptures. Brahman is the one without a second. The establishment of Brahman on the authority of scripture appears unphilosophical at first sight, but in 2 reality it is not so. Supreme authority is claimed not for the entire veda, but only for certain significant parts.

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