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Scotty had already selected a spot where they could wait. He moved smoothly out into the street, drove back to the station and past it, then parked the car in the street that ran parallel to the street in front of the apartment house. The Mercedes roadster was facing in the same direction as the sedan parked a street away. “Now for a nap,” Scotty announced. “I’ll beat you to it,” Rick challenged. He made himself comfortable with the knapsack as a pillow and closed his eyes. He never knew whether he or Scotty had fallen asleep first; he only knew that they woke up at the same instant, jarred from their sleep by the sudden roar of an exhaust in the Megabuck earphones.

Their signal was a variable tone whistle of penetrating qualities. The sound was coming nearer. It began to die down, but now they could hear the vehicle’s motor in the quiet night. Then the motor stopped, too. “Sounds as though it stopped about at the alley,” Scotty said softly. Rick nodded. He thought so, too, and felt relief that Leather Cap was being cared for. In about five minutes the motor started again, followed by the whistle, diminishing in sound as the ambulance increased the distance from the boys.

There was no sign of the Mercedes-Benz. Scotty drove to the edge of the paving and found that a seldom-used dirt road continued onward. “Let’s go,” Rick said. “But keep a sharp eye open. The dirt road wound between fir trees for perhaps five hundred yards, then entered a gate in a fence made of iron rods with spear tops. The gate was closed. The sign on it said “Private” in four languages. “We have arrived,” Rick Brant announced. CHAPTER XI Dead End in theAlps Rick Brant studied the map, wishing he had one that showed topographic features more clearly.

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