By Diogenes Laertius

Lives and critiques of Eminent Philosophers is a biography of the Greek philosophers by means of Diogenes Laërtius, written in Greek, probably within the first half the 3rd century AD.

It was once written in Greek and professes to provide an account of the lives and sayings of the Greek philosophers. The paintings does not have a precise name within the manuscripts and looks in a number of long forms.

Although it really is at top an uncritical and unphilosophical compilation, its worth, as giving us an perception into the non-public lives of the Greek sages, led Montaigne to write down that he wanted that rather than one Laërtius there were a dozen. nevertheless, glossy students have urged that we deal with Diogenes' testimonia with care, specially whilst he fails to quote his resources: "Diogenes has obtained an value out of all share to his benefits as the lack of many basic assets and of the sooner secondary compilations has by chance left him the executive non-stop resource for the historical past of Greek philosophy."

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The assemblage, he said he was greatly surprised VOL. rj, Alovvglos tch? " VI. 4s -so. DIOGENES that they should desert the orator to look at himself. " Some one lately wed had set up on his door the notice and ; : a Shepherd's Bush. 51 DIOGENES LAERTIUS 6 rov Ato? irais koXXIvikos 'Hpa/cA^? ivddSe KaToiKeZ.

46-48. watch over him. " At a feast certain people kept throwing all the bones to him as they would have done to a dog. a Thereupon he played a dog's trick and drenched them. " Of a public bath which was dirty he said, " When people have bathed here, where are they to go to get clean ? " There was a stout musician whom everybody depreciated and Diogenes alone praised. When asked why, he said, " Because being so big, he yet sings to his lute and was man or woman. in the baths. " A young man was delivering a set speech, when Diogenes, having rilled the front fold of his dress with lupins, began to eat them, standing right oppoHaving thus drawn off the attention of site to him.

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