By Venerable Jing Hui

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This sutra mainly expounds the idea of Samadhi. What does Samadhi mean? Samadhi is also called meditation, or right mindfulness, or maintenance. Maintenance means keeping meditation and wisdom alive and in parallel, that is, simultaneously. Samadhi, therefore, is not simply meditation itself, it should be based on wisdom or guided by wisdom. There should be a balanced state between meditation and wisdom. Generally, when we speak highly of somebody for having done something perfectly, we say that he or she has truly got the Samadhi of it.

In this world, whenever and wherever there is craving there is also pain. Being Buddhist practitioners we have to cease from craving and become peaceful. In other words, understanding that whatever dharmas are produced and caused by the interplay of karmic conditions, we are able to remain unperturbed with respect to whatever happens, and never become attached to any desire. The reason is that, without karmic conditions such desires would not come into being. It is, therefore, more sensible to create the condition – this awareness or understanding, bit by bit, rather than misguidedly looking too far ahead in anticipation of the ending or final outcome.

Yes, we could do this because this shore and that shore are one. The words, “sitting erect and thinking only of Absolute Existence”, ask us to understand that all karmic hindrances are produced by delusions, while delusions are also submitted to various conditions, and to the Law of Dependent Origination. If we see through the dependent arising and emptiness of delusions and break up attachments, all karmic hindrances will melt away at once like an ice mountain under the scorching sun. This is why we say: “We repent of our 61 Mind because it is where a sin is committed.

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