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R. , let pass (I. P. • · ni-3: 'I"+, become hot (Basic), has Gerund -+(northern) or 'I"+ (southern), but hlf"+ , heat (D. ), has Gerund ta-+ • Passive Forms 84. g. iliil. ,. 1}1 lie down, go to sleep). g. 85. , I-A) be done (P. g. hmR wash (I-A) :J'mti be washed (passive sense): wash one's self (reflexive sense). 1. 1 in speech. 2. g. Mfill limp; Mtiiil , sneeze), except that the latter, being Type C, double their penultimate radical in the Contingent. D. , II-A verbs would be equally close to Basic Group V verbs with.

IV). 1. See Sec. 105 (6) under Slightly Irregular Verbs. 39. A class of verbs which might be designated pseudo 1 Int. s. forms are the Indirect Causatives of Passives of Group I verbs whose first radical is t. g. ,. " , know; I-A). ll:f'mh , cause to vomit (from lifiih , disturb; I-B)~ These, having a 4th form before the penultimate radical, resemble 1 Int. C. s. l 98, 99. The Conjugation of Changed Stem Forms. In spite of the great diversity of Changed Stem forms, they are all governed by two simple rules for their conjugation:-Rule 1.

Int. c. s. ). e. ). 4) P. 1 Int. C. s. forms sometimes indicate nature, habit (the tendency to the action rfSher than a single act): e, g. e. is a biter (from P. 1 Int. C. s. form, -tr,·tft"l ). 5) 2 Int. s. forms commonly indicate slightness. This sometimes results in a distributive sense-the idea of a little here and there, or a little for each. It may also result in a sense of gradualness. e. g. lmO , become wet (I-A); ltlJmO , become a little damp{ 2 Int. C. s. ). i'i , forget (II-1-A}; lflii , forget slightly ( 2 Int.

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