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Illuminating Leviticus: A Study of Its Laws and Institutions in the Light of Biblical Narratives

The foundation of legislation within the Hebrew Bible has lengthy been the topic of scholarly debate. until eventually lately, the historico-critical methodologies of the academy have yielded unsatisfactory conclusions in regards to the resource of those legislation that are woven via biblical narratives. during this unique and provocative examine, Calum Carmichael -- a number one pupil of biblical legislation and rhetoric -- means that Hebrew legislations used to be encouraged by means of the research of the narratives in Genesis via 2 Kings.

Israel's Prophetic Tradition: Essays in Honour of Peter R. Ackroyd

This profitable quantity of essays by means of distinct students not just makes a contribution to the learn of previous testomony prophets but additionally summarizes scholarship in a manner relatively applicable to scholars, giving entry to fabric to be had in a different way purely in different languages or in journals tough to procure.

Mitzvoth ethics and the Jewish Bible: the end of Old Testament theology

Ratheiser's learn offers the framework for a non-confessional, mitzvoth ethics-centered and historical-philological method of the Jewish bible and bargains with the elemental steps of another paradigmatic viewpoint at the biblical textual content. the writer seeks to demostrate the ineptness of confessional and ahistorical ways to the Jewish bible.

Rhetorical Criticism: Context, Method, and the Book of Jonah

Introduces a fashion of interpreting and analyzing biblical literature

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This is the vision of contemplation, when one The Maskilim: Mystical Vocation in the Tiqqunim 25 sees the future and the past, and from the subtlety of his intellect he understands. "28 Gershom Scholem also portrayed the nuances of this charged, symbolic perception of esoteric reality in this way: All creation, from the world of the highest angel to the lower realms of physical nature, refers symbolically to the law which operates within it-the law which governs the world of the sefirot. In everything something is reflected ...

It is the adept's task to attain the former and overcome or eliminate the latter. The fall is depicted as an entrance into the realm of qelippah, the demonic husk that acts as a barrier to the Holy. According to one rabbinic tradition, Adam "stretched his foreskin" and thereby brought sexual transgression into the world. 13 The term, "stretched his foreskin" (mashakh be-'orlato) originally referred to episplasm, the practice by which Hellenized Jews sought to cover the evidence of their circumcisions.

27 Individual letters were recognized as having specific qualities. 28 For instance, Tiqqunei ha-Zohar contains discourses on the esoteric meaning of the letter kaf,29 the distinction between the letters dalet and resh,30 the spatial dimensionality latent in the pontilistic letter yod,31 and the aural qualities of the vowels and notes. 32 As mentioned previously, certain kabbalistic works, such as Joseph Gikatilla's Sha'arei Grah, have a didactic quality in that they instruct the adherent how to make his own analyses of biblical texts.

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