By Peggy Ann Hardigree

St.martin s press
date:december 1980

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They tried numerous experi­ ments without being able to change the habit of growth. Then they tried altering the day length, finally providing seven hours of light and seventeen hours of darkness per day. After a few days of such treat­ ment, the plants bloomed and produced seed. Further experiments with other plants showed that plants differ in the proportion of day and night they need to produce seeds-and thus plants came to be divided into four groups according to the duration of light they need to induce bloom.

Plants in this group remain vegetative when days are short. On the other hand, plants that normally flower in the short days of autumn or winter came to be known as short-day plants. Such plants remain vegetative when days are too long. Fortunately for the gardeners who must artificially meet their light­ ing needs, a third group comprises the largest number of plants, called day-neutral or indetenninate-day plants. These can flower and fruit 44 The Edible Indoor Garden tmder a wide range of day lengths.

With fluorescent lighting, the distance between plant and tube is of utmost importance. The intensity of this light diminishes so rapidly as the distance between tubes and light is increased that at a distance of just 36 inches, the light from two 40-watt tubes would have almost no effect on your plants. The ability to move your lights as needed, then, can be an enor­ mous advantage. Since fluorescent tubes produce too little heat to I ! The Focts of Light damage your plants easily, a movable fixture allows you to increase the intensity of the light your plants receive by placing the tubes as close as you like to the plants.

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