By B.A. Roberts, J. Proctor

` The publication becomes a regular reference for all these attracted to soil-plant relationships and should supply a stimulus for additional learn during this element of biogeography and geobotany. '

` ... to congratulate the editors on generating this wonderful and exhaustive paintings at the ecology of worldwide areas with serpentinized rocks. i'm convinced that this intriguing and hiterhto overlooked box may be good served and inspired via the looks of this crucial paintings. '
New Zealand Jrnl of Ecology, 16:2

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The formation of new, crystalline mineral grains in a rock, essentially in the solid state, under the influence of metamorphic processes. A medium- to coarse-grained, commonly calcium enriched gabbroic rock containing, as essential minerals, grossular and diallage. Altered varieties also contain prehnite or serpentine or both. The line, on a variation diagram of an igneous rock series, that represents saturation with respect to silica. Rocks or magma to the right of the line are oversaturated and those to the left, undersaturated.

Based on their work on the Rhonda Massif, Obata et at. (1977) developed a petrogenetic model involving the diapiric uprise of peridotite, to explain the formation of these intrusions. As 24 the diapir rises, it loses heat by conduction to the surroundings, so that partial melting begins inside the diapir. As melting proceeds, liquid droplets coalesce to form thin sheets, and local pockets or lenses (Dickey 1970). Since the liquids formed are gravitationally and mechanically unstable, they tend to migrate upwards.

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