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With the British, and this was to be avoided at all costs as the political situation on the island was al ready extremely difficult. 1t was therefore decided that Raza would have to leave Ceylon. 82 But a year later, when van Eck, designated as Schreuder's successor to the Governorship of Ceylon, had arrived at Colombo, Batavia was informed that, subject to consent by the High Government, official permission to stay had been given to Raza, who had been at Jaffna ever since he came to Ceylon apart from a visit to Colombo.

The special services the sergeant was employed for at Calicut and the absence of an entry "sergeant" in the expense account point to this fact. In any case there can be no doubt that the person who acted as their interpreter was with the envoys for the full duration of the journey, for he received payment for 28 days (L. f. , Proceedings of the Cochin Coundl, June 4, 1766). This person, described as having great affection for the Company with which he had been in contact for some time during a stay on the Coromandel coast, might be identified with Ali Zaman Khan, formerly an agent at Mysore of Muhammad Yusuf Khan and after Yusuf Khan's overthrow and death a elose friend of Haidar (cornp.

CCCXCIII). L. f. , June 12, 1766; Hist. , pp. 9-10. The proper names of these officials are the Dalava ("The Dutch in Malabar being a translation of Se1ections Nos. 1 and 2 with introduction and notes by A. Galletti, A. J. van der Burg and P. Groot", Sei. Dutch Records Madras No. 13 (Madras, 1911), p. 93) and the Paliyath Atchen (K. P. Padmanabha Menon, History 0/ Kerala, I (Ernakulam, 1924), p. 512). 32 THE DUTCH EAST INDIA COMPANY AND MYSORE only they could be sure of being left in peace. The raja of Cochin had been asked to supply the Mysorean troops with labourers who could be used in the war against Calicut, and in case the Zamorin would flee through his country the raja would have to extradite hirn.

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