By Ezra Zygmuntowicz, Bruce Tate, Clinton Begin

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Essential Java Fast : How to write object oriented software for the Internet

Java is a brand new and fascinating object-oriented programming language that is set to remodel the area vast internet. Java permits clients to jot down purposes which are accessed throughout varied systems and offers a good technique of construction small yet robust courses that permit a massive diversity of recent functions - reminiscent of animation, stay updating, two-way interactions and so forth.

Designing SQL Server 2000 Databases. for .Net ™ Enterprise Servers

The Microsoft . web initiative is the way forward for e-commerce - making it attainable for corporations to construct a safe, trustworthy e-commerce infrastructure. this can be the 1st publication to stipulate the features of SQL Server 2000, one of many key parts of . web. SQL Server 2000 introduces robust new facts mining performance designed particularly to trap and method patron profiles and to foretell destiny procuring styles on e-commerce websites.

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You can drop code into Rails by using<%= your_code_here %>. jpg' /> You can easily prevent this problem by using the template helpers. If you surround your code with <%=h your_code_here %>, Rails will escape any HTML code a malicious user may provide. Don’t Evaluate Input At the same time, you need to be sure not to evaluate any code that any user might type as input. Ruby is a great scripting language, but you should be careful anytime you try to evaluate any code, and you should never evaluate user input.

Mongrel uses the best of both the Ruby and C worlds. Internal HTTP parsing is done in C, and the API for configuration and application interface is done with Ruby. This C foundation gives it very good speed, and the clean Ruby wrapper provides a familiar Ruby interface for configuration and extension. Mongrel offers huge deployment advantages because it breaks away from opaque protocols like FastCGI or SCGI and uses plain HTTP for its transfer mechanism. HTTP is a proven, well-tooled, transparent protocol that all sysadmins know well.

And periodically, you should run statistics so the database optimizer knows when to use indexes. Database administration performance techniques are beyond the scope of this book. 43 ✔ Finding a Starter Home Chapter 3 Shared Hosts Finding a host for your first Rails app is a lot like finding your first home. When I left home the first time, I wanted to move right into a castle, but real life doesn’t work out that way. Most people first move into an apartment or dorm room. True, apartments don’t come with their own throne room and servants’ quarters, but they do have their advantages.

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