By Tigchelaar, Florentino Garcia Martinez

This two-volume research textual content includes edited Hebrew and Aramaic transcriptions, and English translations of the non-biblical scrolls on dealing with pages, prepared by means of serial quantity from Cave 1 to Cave eleven. moreover, it bargains a precis of the contents of the biblical scrolls from Qumran. each one Q-number is supplied with a heading which incorporates the knowledge at the textual content and chosen bibliographic references. even though unidentified and unclassified fragments were passed over, and no snippets of manuscripts were reproduced, this version goals to be entire for the non-biblical scrolls. This book is designed as a realistic reference device to facilitate entry to the Qumran number of the lifeless Sea Scrolls. As such it's essentially meant for school room use and to be used by way of experts from different disciplines who desire a trustworthy compendium to all of the fabrics discovered. it's going to even be invaluable as a significant other for these learning the unique manuscripts utilizing the microfiche or CD-ROM variants of the scrolls.

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Vi 1 of the Kittim, and they gather their wealth with all their loot 2 like fish of the sea. And what it says: Hab 1:16a This is why he offers sacrifices to his net 3 and burns incense to his trawl. Blank Its interpretation: they 4 offer sacrifices to their standards and their weapons are 5 the object of their worship. Hab 1:16b Since by them his portion is fat and his food rich. 6 Its interpretation: they distribute their yoke and 7 their burden, which is their food, among all the peoples, year after year, 8 ravaging many countries.

19 Frag. 20 Frag. 21-22 Frag. 23-25 Deut 5:1-22 Deut 5:23-27 Deut 10:17-18 Deut 10:21 - 11:1 Deut 11:8-11 Frag. 26-27 Frag. 28-29 Frag. 30-31 Frag. 32-58 7 Deut 11:12 Exod 13:2-3 Exod 13:7-9 ? T. Milik, DJD I, 77-80, pl. ‪4Q168‬‬ ‫‪ ]hoh[i …] 1 Frags. […] 1 Frag. […] 1 Frag. […] 3‬הפתא]ים …[‬ ‫‪ …] 3 Frags. 8-10‬ומה במות יהודה הלוא יר[וש]לם ושמתי שומרון[‬ ‫‪] 4‬לעי שדה למטעי כרם ‪[ vacat‬פשרו על מטיף הכזב ‪] 5‬אשר הואה יתעה‬ ‫ה[פתאים ‪ vacat‬ומה במות יהודה ‪] 6‬הלוא ירושלם פשרו ע[ל מורה הצדק‬ ‫אשר הואה ‪] 7‬יורה התורה לעצת[ו ולכ]ו[ל המתנדבים לוסף על בחירי‬ ‫‪] 8‬אל עושי התורה [בעצת היחד אשר ינצל]ו[ מיום ‪] 9‬המשפט …[…]…[‬ ‫‪ …] 10‬ואשר אמר ושמתי שומרון ל[עי שדה ‪[…]…[…] 11‬‬ ‫‪] 1 Frag.

God will sentence him to destruction, Blank 6 exactly as he intended to destroy the poor. And as for what he says: Hab 2:17 «Owing to the blood 7 of the city and the violence (done to) the country». Its interpretation: the city is Jerusalem 8 in which the /Wicked/ Priest performed repulsive acts and defiled 9 the Sanctuary of God. The violence (done to) the country are the cities of Judah which 10 he plundered of the possessions of the poor. Hab 2:18 What use is the sculpture which the craftsman carves, 11 (or) the cast effigy and sham oracle, in whom their craftsman trusts, 12 to make dumb idols?

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