By Tigchelaar, Florentino Garcia Martinez

The lifeless Sea Scrolls learn Edition is a pragmatic reference software to facilitate entry to the Qumran number of the useless Sea Scrolls. It comprises newly edited Hebrew and Aramaic transcriptions and English translations of the non-biblical scrolls on dealing with pages, prepared through serial quantity from Cave 1 to Cave eleven. furthermore, it deals a precis of the contents of the biblical scrolls from Qumran. each one Q-number is supplied with a heading which includes the fundamental info at the textual content and chosen bibliographical references. even though unidentified and unclassified fragments were passed over, and no snippets of manuscripts were reproduced, this variation goals to be entire for the non-biblical scrolls. The paintings is basically meant for lecture room use and to be used through experts from different disciplines who want a trustworthy compendium to the entire fabrics discovered. it is going to even be precious as a significant other for these learning the unique manuscripts utilizing the microfiche or CD-ROM variants of the scrolls. a substantial a part of the fabrics used to be already available in translation within the lifeless Sea Scrolls Translated (Wilfred G.E. Watson, Translator). This translation has served because the base-text of the translations provided during this version, yet has been completely checked and corrected through the authors.

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5 […] all the paths of violence. Blank 6 T[he]n I, Noah, became a man, and I held fast to truth and clung to … […] 7 … and I married Amzara his 31 ‫‪1QapGen ar VI-VII, X‬‬ ‫לי בנין ת]לת[ה] …[ ‪ … 8‬לבני נשין נסבת מן בנת אחי ובנתי לבני אחי‬ ‫יהבת כדת חוק עלמא ‪[…] 9‬ה עליא לבני אנשא ‪ vacat‬וביומי כדי שלמו לי‬ ‫לחשבון די חשבת ‪ …[…] 10‬יובלין עשרה באדין שלם לבני למסב להון‬ ‫נשין ל… ‪ […] 11‬שמיא בחזיון חזית ואחואת ואודעת בעובד בני שמין ומא‬ ‫כול ‪ …[…] 12‬וטמרת רזא דן בלבבי ולכול אנוש לא אחויתה ‪vacat‬‬ ‫‪ …[…] 13‬עלי בעירא רבא עלי בציר ובמשלחת קדישא … ‪…[…] 14‬‬ ‫ובחזיון עמי מלל ולקובלי קם … ‪ …] 15‬מ[שלחת קדישא רבא לי קל‬ ‫אשמע לך אמרין יא נוח ‪ … […] 16‬וחשבת בי כול לכת בני ארעא ידעת‬ ‫וחוית כול]…[ ‪ …[…] 17‬קל יצלחון … ‪ […] 18‬שבועין תרין ובאדין‬ ‫מסתם …]…[ ‪ … […] 19‬דמא די אשדו נפיליא שפית וקוית עד די ק]…[‬ ‫‪[…]…[…] 22-21‬‬ ‫‪ … […] 20‬קדישין די עם בנת אנו]שא …[‬ ‫‪ …] 23‬ואש[כחת אנה נוח חן …]…[ ‪…[…] 26 […]…[…] 25-24‬‬ ‫לאנשא ולבעירא ולחיותא לעופא ו]…[ ‪[…]…[…] 27‬‬ ‫‪ […]… 1 Col.

Catholic Biblical Association, 1979) 1-55; Part I: Texts, 1-9; B. Nitzan, Pesher Habakkuk: A Scroll from the Wilderness of Judaea (1QpHab) (Jerusalem: Bialik, 1986) [Hebrew] Col. i 1 [Hab 1:1-2 Oracle received by the prophet Habakkuk in a vision. For how long, yhwh] do I ask for help without 2 [you hearing (me); do I shout: Violence! to you without you saving (me)? The interpretation of this concerns the beg]inning of the generation 3 [… which will com]e upon them 4 […they] will [sh]out against 5 [… Hab 1:3a Why do you show me misdeeds and] do you behold [to]il?

12-22 Ps 119:31-34 Ps 119:43-48 Ps 119:77-79 ? 1Q11 (1QPsb) 1QPsalmsb D. Barthélemy, DJD I, 71, pl. 535 1Q10, 1Q12, 2Q14, 3Q2, 4Q83, 4Q84, 4Q85, 4Q86, 4Q87, 4Q88, 4Q89, 4Q90, 4Q91, 4Q92, 4Q93, 4Q94, 4Q95, 4Q96, 4Q97, 4Q98, 4Q98a, 4Q98b, 4Q98c, 4Q98d, 4Q236, 5Q5, 6Q5, 8Q2, 11Q5, 11Q6, 11Q7, 11Q8, 11Q9 Frag. 1 Frag. 2-5 Ps 126:6 Ps 127:1-5 Frag. 6 Ps 128:3 1Q12 (1QPsc) 1QPsalmsc D. Barthélemy, DJD I, 71-72, pl. 141 1Q10, 1Q11, 2Q14, 3Q2, 4Q83, 4Q84, 4Q85, 4Q86, 4Q87, 4Q88, 4Q89, 4Q90, 4Q91, 4Q92, 4Q93, 4Q94, 4Q95, 4Q96, 4Q97, 4Q98, 4Q98a, 4Q98b, 4Q98c, 4Q98d, 4Q236, 5Q5, 6Q5, 8Q2, 11Q5, 11Q6, 11Q7, 11Q8, 11Q9 Frag.

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