By Jim DeKorne

End-of-the-world paranoia has been with us when you consider that time immemorial. Now, with the tip of the mythical Mayan “long count number” calendar looming on December 21, 2012 and up to date threats of a global fiscal cave in triggering frequent apprehension and a look for solutions, The Cracking Tower offers an arsenal of concepts to show those fears into a chance for non secular and private growth.
Beginning with a full of life memoir of the author’s reports within the ’60s, the e-book is going directly to discover apocalyptic considering via perennial philosophy, shamanism, gnostic mysticism, the physique as a vessel of recognition (and dying as “an prolonged out-of-body experience”), and psychedelics. Shaping the dialogue is the interesting metaphor of the cracking tower, an equipment for distilling gas, as a car for distilling our knowledge. instead of speculating on what may possibly ensue in 2012, DeKorne proposes vigilance of a extra introspective style. “The very important thing,” he says, “is to disregard the finger and try to appreciate the moon,” to determine what our apocalyptic traits exhibit approximately ourselves.

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The concept of a “perennial philosophy” was popularized in the seventeenth century by the philosopher and mathematician Gottfried Leibniz (1646–1716) and in our own era by author-scholar Aldous Huxley (1894–1963). In The Perennial Philosophy (1945) Huxley coined the definition of “highest common factor” to replace our more familiar mathematical concept of a “lowest common denominator” to describe the essence of the hypothesis. This is because its core ideas are all derived from a “higher” gestalt or forming template that far transcends everyday experience.

The outcome was a unique piece of software: Timewave Zero, a historical timeline program that predicted some kind of “end time” on the 2012 winter solstice. Only later did he discover that an identical calculation was also explicit in the Mayan calendar. The precise correspondence between these totally unconnected visions was accurate to within days—a most impressive synchronicity! It was this close association, I believe, which was to set off the current interest in the 2012 prophecy. It certainly caught my attention: synchronicities this numinous beg to be explored.

Analytical (Jungian) psychology describes these ancient concepts in modern language based on empirical observation of the human psyche. Were you to boil all the above systems down to their essence, the result would be pure, unadulterated Perennial Philosophy. ” For the Hindu, ultimate reality consists of a cosmic, transcendental metaconsciousness—the Mind of God, if you will. One way of imagining it is to regard ourselves (and everything else, for that matter) as thoughts within God’s psyche, which is the universe itself.

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