By Al Desetta M.A., Educators for Social Responsibility

Cassandra is hassled by way of her associates for sitting with the “wrong” little ones at lunch. Jennifer will get confused simply because she’s obese. Dwan’s circle of relatives name callings her for now not being “black enough.” Yen is teased for being chinese language; Jamel for now not smoking marijuana. but all locate the energy to stand their conflicts and the braveness to be themselves. In 26 first-person tales, actual kids write approximately their lives with searing honesty. they're going to motivate younger readers to mirror on their lonesome lives, paintings via their difficulties, and examine who they are surely.

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AFrAID TO LeArN By Omar Morales All my life I’ve been something of a loner and a sensitive kid. While other kids went out all the time, I was home listening to music, watching television, or just hanging out in front of the building where I live. But my experience in school made me feel even more alone and made it hard for me to get an education. Partly, I was just unhappy. But another part of it was that, freshman year, I started getting picked on. In class, one kid would always ask me a question about what the teacher had just said.

And when I left school I had to make sure that nobody was following me. I HAD TO MAKe SUre I DIDN’T STAre AT ANYONe Or eLSe He MIGHT TAKe IT AS A CHALLeNGe. Afraid to Learn This one kid at my school was pressured to rob. Earlier in high school he hadn’t been a troublemaker, he was more of a joker. We’d see each other in the Resource Room, where we went to get help on our weak subjects. He would crack jokes about the resource teacher and I would crack up. Then I would make a comment about her and we’d keep cracking up laughing.

I wanted to hit him too. But what would you expect from a guy? I don’t think most guys understand how it feels to be sexually harassed. I know that the way I handled it was not the best way. But I have to admit that it did make me feel better to hit Jason. I got my anger out. I had to go back to class after that. Two minutes after I sat down, Jason walked in. ) Then I walked out of class. Jason stormed out after me. He was like, “Why are you going to tell? Can’t we just squash this? ” So I said to him, “Yes, I did slap you but not like I wanted to.

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