By Jonathan Garb

The approval for Kabbalah, a Jewish mystical circulate at the very least 900 years outdated, has grown astonishingly in the context of the massive and ever-expanding social flow in general often called the recent Age. This e-book is the 1st to supply a huge review of the foremost traits in modern Kabbalah including in-depth discussions of significant figures and schools.


A famous specialist on Kabbalah, Jonathan apparel locations the “kabbalistic Renaissance” in the international context of the increase of different varieties of spirituality, together with Sufism and Tibetan Buddhism. He indicates how Kabbalah has been remodeled by means of the occasions of the Holocaust and, following the institution of Israel, by way of aliyah. The selected turns into Herds is an unique piece of scholarship and, in its personal correct, a brand new bankruptcy within the heritage of Kabbalah.

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The out-and-out victory of the pro-dissemination camp over the course of the century is even more conspicuous against the background of the decline of the study of Kabbalah in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The growing secularization of the Jewish world in this period led to a significant reduction in the number of students of Kabbalah. ∏ Therefore, what would become an almost axiomatic call for a more intensive and widespread study of Kabbalah in the late twentieth century was, in the ∞ 22 ∞ The Drive to Disseminate Kabbalah early twentieth century, the legacy of a select few.

Be that as it may, the personal dimension in Kook’s doctrine was fueled mainly by his own intense ∞ 40 ∞ The Concept of Power in National Mysticism personal experiences rather than by a textual tradition, Hasidic or otherwise. I shall therefore move on from this historical background to focus on the experiences that were instrumental in shaping Kook’s perception of power. ≤≥ This perception revolved not only around the nation but also around the figure of the Tzaddiq. ’’≤∂ According to Kook, the devotional power of the Tzaddiq was able to a√ect the entire world.

Like Kook, he felt that the time was ripe for rendering the Kabbalah accessible to all. ∑∑ In order to justify the dissemination of Kabbalah, Ashlag drew on psychology— a field that was close to his heart. He saw Kabbalah as a remedy for the ‘‘bitterness’’ of the modern existential quest. ∑∏ The doctrine of altruism, which lies at the heart of Ashlag’s teachings, explains why Ashlag considered Kabbalah to be the pinnacle of the Jewish religion. Kabbalah, he believed, encourages pure observance of the commandments without ulterior motives and fosters the desire to give.

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