By J. J. Hurtak

2d version, Copyright 1982, Very fresh, not often learn reproduction.

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These, in turn, are used by the Creator Gods in newly evolving regions to create their own Hierarchical patterns which eventually merge these regions with the Father's House of Many Mansions. 1 3 And through this region of Orion, which is the cosmic pyramid of creation in our Son universe, the "outer Light" of Metatron is projected into the matrix of stellar creation which governs the worlds of negative mass by s w o r d of L i g h t projections. 1 4 Metatron, w h o serves the Ancient of Days, is to Enoch a Revealer of Secrets a n d a jurisdictional aspect of the Lordship emanating from the Ancient of Days.

1 4 Metatron, w h o serves the Ancient of Days, is to Enoch a Revealer of Secrets a n d a jurisdictional aspect of the Lordship emanating from the Ancient of Days. Metatron, from the Father's bosom, delivers to Enoch the Books of the Court of YHWH to be transcribed for the Son universes and the lower planetary worlds. 15 He took me, Jacob, into the appearance of the Father and I knew that the Universe of all universes is His Cosmic Pyramidal Throne. I knew that every galaxy is like a cornerstone of Light and within every galaxy there are sun systems with their pyramids (just as there are planetary systems with their pyramids).

It begins at a point when all of the cycles are brought together to give forth the picture of a thousand newly risen suns: the death of the lower sun creation and the birth of the multiple sun creations. 53 The words of the Lords which give this picture speak as follows: "Softly smiling you shine with a crimson glow which may be compared with a thousand newly risen suns. " 54 This garland-skull illustrates Golgotha, the destruction of the spiritual sun energy- the Jesus, with the energy of the Son of Light-the Christos, or the Zohar energy which descends o n the planetary mind as a new evolutionary membrane u p o n the skull of the planet.

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