By Arthur Goldwag

This vigorous, easy-to-follow advisor to Kabbalah introduces the traditional Jewish mystical culture that has captured the curiosity of Hollywood stars and most of the people alike.

With celebrities like Madonna, Paris Hilton, Demi Moore, and Britney Spears saying their fascination with Kabbalah, interest approximately this old Jewish mystical culture keeps to develop. The Beliefnet® advisor to Kabbalah is a hugely informative, reader-friendly review of Kabbalah, whose messages Moses is expounded to have bought from God on Mount Sinai. a suite of speculations at the nature of divinity, the construction, the origins and destiny of the soul, and the function of people on the planet, Kabbalah’s which means and messages have prompted Jews, Christians, and others alike—and intrigued students for generations.

The Beliefnet® consultant to Kabbalah covers the necessities of Kabbalah’s background, sheds gentle on what Kabbalists think (including their perspectives on angels and demons and at the afterlife), and offers directions on either conventional and modern meditative, devotional, mystical, and magical practices. Sidebars that includes key proof, anecdotes, and often requested questions upload to the book’s scope and allure.

From the finest resource of data on faith and spirituality, the Beliefnet® courses introduce you to the key traditions, leaders, and problems with religion on the planet this day.

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This included geography. history. science. all the matters relating to study-the realm of Hod. Moreover. because he carried the caduceus. the rod entwined with two snakes. the symbol of his office. he had access to the knowledge about-I repeat-'about' metaphysics. The caduceus is another version of the Tree of Life. The rod is the pillar of equilibrium and each snake describes TREE AND GODS 57 the active and passive principles passing down from the winged head of the rod to its foot. However, this is a book to be read and studied as an introduction, as are all of the treatises on the Hermetic (Hermes or Mercurial) sciences.

The electrical fields within living cells might only be the crudest description of a vibratory process emanating' from the DNA molecules composing and governing them. These molecules in turn may only be the printed circuits for receiving that curious TREE AND MAN 49 influx of energy known as Life, for it is apparent that when any organism is cut off from Nature or the vital radiance of the Sun it droops from lack of stimulating input, and with complete deprivation of whatever fire on earth is, it dies.

In these he pursues mortal women and goddesses to spread his vast reservoir of most potent seed, leading to numerous halfimmortals and heroes. This is the particular power of Hesed. One story well illustrates the effect of undiluted magnificence. Semele, daughter of King Cadmus, asked to see her god-lover in all his glory. Jupiter attempted to dissuade her but in the end he gave in and she was blasted out of existence by his spendour like a snowflake in a furnace. Jupiter was King on Olympus, about him circled the other gods.

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