By Irene McHenry PhD, Carol Moog PhD, Susan Kaiser Greenland JD

Teens with autism have the capability to be first-class actors.
They are common observers—able to review, imitate, and research social behavior. The Autism Playbook for Teens is designed to reinforce those strengths with mindfulness techniques and roleplaying scripts, whereas additionally supporting young people decrease anxiousness, deal with feelings, be extra conscious within the current second, and fasten with others.
This e-book bargains a special, strengths-based method of support teenagers with autism spectrum (including Asperger’s Syndrome) increase social abilities, develop communique, and thrive. The actions contained in each one bankruptcy are custom-designed to paintings with the original views, sensory processing, neurological strengths and demanding situations that youngsters with autism carry to their encounters with the social global.  By accomplishing those actions, teenagers will achieve an actual know-how in their atmosphere, resulting in greater social interplay that also is lucrative, attention-grabbing, and fun.
The pleasant and inventive actions during this e-book are grounded in well-documented medical observations and present empirical stories. in addition they consider the genuine neurological ameliorations that exist in youth with autism, and specializes in the original pathways had to connect to and encourage those unprecedented and awesome teenagers.
This is the one publication on hand for teenagers with autism that particularly integrates mindfulness abilities and innovative scripted roleplaying actions for development real social experiences.

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3. Bend your arms at the elbows, keeping your fists clenched. 4. Notice the sensations in your body. Do you feel tightness in your muscles, do you feel pressure in your belly, or do you feel your breathing quickening? These are some of the body sensations of feeling mad. Now, drop the “mad” act and return to your normal self. Shake out your arms and hands. Yawn (or pretend to yawn) to relax your face. Loosen yourself up, getting ready to try on the next feeling. Trying on the “sad” feeling. Start with your face: 1.

Rest your hands on your belly. Notice the feeling of your hands resting on your belly. Keep your hands resting comfortably on your belly and focus your attention on your breathing. 30 groove with gravity: feel solid in your body Notice how your breathing can help you relax. By focusing your attention on your breathing in the center of your body, you can feel more solid in your whole body. Notice how your body can start to feel more solid and anchored to the ground. Try this simple exercise the next time that you are stuck in your thoughts.

So, if you are freaking out or stressing out, your nervous thoughts will give you jittery, upset sensations in your belly; once you have calmed your body, you will notice that your mind is calmer too. When your mind is calm, you are free to choose to feel excited about the chance to meet new people on the first day of school, 14 soar with your butterflies: calm your anxiety for example, or to feel excited to hear your favorite band at a school dance, even if you are sure you hate dancing. This feeling of excitement is the transformation of the fluttering of butterflies in your stomach into energy that you feel in your whole body—­energy you can use to do what you want, even if you are a little scared about doing it.

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