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The quantity brings jointly 17 articles through prime Islamicists and Arabists, on a number of themes in Medieval and Early smooth occasions, together with the Qur‘?n, Shi'ism, ?bb?sid historiography, the Crusaders, and Mamluk heritage.

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The Hundred Years War: A Wider Focus (History of Warfare, Vol. 25)

This quantity, the 1st of a two-volume set, is the paintings of fourteen eu and American students and specializes in the broader elements of the Hundred Years. those essays variety some distance afield from the conventional heartlands of Hundred Years conflict experiences to enquire the effect of the clash on Italy, the Low nations, and Spain and on such issues as city heritage, and the actualities of weapon use at the battlefield.

Studies in Early Jewish Epigraphy (Arbeiten zur Geschichte des Antiken Judentums und des Urchristentums, 21)

This quantity includes the papers of a workshop on Jewish epigraphy in antiquity equipped at Utrecht college in 1992. between the individuals have been collaborators of the Cambridge Jewish Inscriptions venture and of the Tubinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients venture. vital elements of historic Jewish inscriptions are highlighted within the papers, just like the connection among documentary and literary texts.

Congress Volume: Jerusalem 1986

The overseas association for the learn of the previous testomony, which had formerly held all its Congresses in Europe, went outdoor that continent for the 1st time in 1986 and visited the land the place lots of the occasions recorded within the previous testomony came about. The Congress was once held from 24 to 29 August less than the Presidency of Professor Benjamin Mazar on the Hebrew collage of Jerusalem, and the ultimate ceremonial dinner was once held within the Knesset.

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18 Ja'far b. Dìnàr al-Khayyà†, who was to have a long military and administrative career, was another object of al-Afshìn’s wrath and the narrator’s contempt, on account of his alleged disobedience and incompetence. 19 The narrative of the Bàbak campaign also stresses al-Afshìn’s relations with the mu††awwi'a, the irregulars who volunteered for the jihàd. The narrative shows them as enthusiastic but reckless and easily discouraged by setbacks. At one stage, a number of them thought of abandoning the campaign because of the hardships.

5 Both these campaigns were recorded in great detail. 3 4 5 Donner, Narratives, 117. Al-ˇabarì, Ta"rìkh, Leiden, 1879–1901, iii, 1186–1226. Al-ˇabarì, Ta"rìkh, iii, 1236–1256. 20   Bàbak al-Khurramì 6 had established himself as the leader of a resistance movement in the mountainous areas of northern Azerbayjan from about 201/816–17. His rebellion was essentially anti-Muslim and at least some of his followers were known as Khurramìs belonging to a sect which seems to have been a branch of the Mazdakites of Sasanian Iran.

For a short but useful discussion of the Arabic sources for the Samarra period, M. Gordon, The Breaking of a Thousand Swords: A History of the Turkish Military of Samarra, Albany, 2001, 8–14. 18   were actually contemporaries of the events they record. The problem of relying on accounts which were written down a century or more after the events they describe is not so acute in the Abbasid context. Nor are the issues as far reaching. Numerous historical questions: what the Prophet had done on particular occasions, how Abù Bakr was chosen as caliph, why 'Uthmàn was murdered, in what way the Battle of Siffin ended and many others, had fundamental implications for the development of political and religious practice.

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