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India: A Million Mutinies Now

A brand new York occasions awesome Book

Nobel laureate V. S. Naipaul’s impassioned and prescient travelogue of his trips via his ancestral native land, with a brand new preface by means of the author.
Arising out of Naipaul’s lifelong obsession and fervour for a rustic that's right away his and completely alien, India: one million Mutinies Now relates the tales of some of the humans he met touring there greater than fifty years in the past. He explores how they've been recommended via the innumerable frictions found in Indian society—the contradictions and compromises of non secular religion, the whim and chaos of random political forces. This ebook represents Naipaul’s final note on his native land, complementing his different India travelogues, a space of Darkness and India: A Wounded Civilization.

Song of Kali

"O poor spouse of Siva / Your tongue is ingesting the blood, / O darkish mom! O unclad mom. " it's striking that ahead of penning this first novel, Dan Simmons had spent basically and a part days in Calcutta, a urban "too depraved to be suffered," his narrator says. thankfully again in print after a number of years within which it was once difficult to procure, this wealthy, extraordinary novel virtually reeks with surroundings.

The Great Divergence Reconsidered: Europe, India, and the Rise to Global Economic Power

Opposite to renowned narratives, marketplace Integration in Europe and India indicates that Europe's upward push to its present prestige as an undisputed international fiscal chief used to be now not the impact of the commercial Revolution, nor can or not it's defined via coal or colonial exploitation. utilizing a wealth of recent historic facts stretching from the 17th to the 20 th century, Roman Studer indicates that the nice Divergence happened within the 17th century, if no longer previous.

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Everything has to be accepted, assimilated, sublimated, integrated with the very stuff o f one’s being. This total and complete acceptance o f life as it is makes the Tantras so widely popular. There is no denying the fact that all o f us want to enjoy life. Now this enjoyment or bhoga is generally looked down upon or denounced or renounced as it binds or restricts the self, keeps it chained to the objects o f the world. The Tantras affirm that bhoga recoils on us because here we are not free to enjoy but are at the mercy o f the things of enjoyment over which we have no control.

SUPREME EXPERIENCE So we have somehow a dual aspect o f the supreme experience —Parama Siva—nifkala and sakala, as they have been called. The former is experience or consciousness beyond nada-bindukala (the primary trika or triad) and all their derivatives as shewn in the ‘six steps’ ($atfadhva). The latter is Siva as His own divine nature (Parama Prakrti or Para Sakti) to be and become all. In Srividya (the type o f Tantrika doctrine on which we are espe­ cially working here for the sake o f brevity), the supreme con­ sciousness is often called Tripura, which term literally means what is prior to (pura) or beyond the three.

There is, essentially, nothing ‘carnal’ in what is, in reality, the ‘incarnation’ o f Siva-Sakti. The same sublimating attitude and enlarging ‘ratio’ musfwork up and exalt our psychical being and our environment. Fourthly, neither the body and the mind nor the environment 30 STUDIES ON THE TANTRAS can be taken at their face value and worked as they are in ordi­ nary usage. y'Microcosmically, as well as macrocosmically, all must be Siva-Sakti. Science has found the magazine in the atom o f matter.

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