By Fabienne Toupin, Brian Lowrey

This ebook includes a chain of experiences through a few students engaged on what may perhaps commonly be termed the "medieval" interval of the background of English, concentrating on outdated English, heart English, and the rather much less well-documented interval of transition from the previous to the latter. the amount brings jointly contributions not just from various fields, starting from semantics and syntax to prosody and phonology, but additionally from varied theoretical standpoints, that allows you to enhance the reader's knowing of the quick adjustments that have an effect on the language at the present. the gathering of papers right here may be of curiosity to all students and scholars engaged on previous or center English, in addition to to scholars of historic linguistics mostly, provided that some of the procedures and methodological parameters defined the following will turn out to be without delay appropriate to the examine of alternative classes and of alternative languages.

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London: Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans. ). 1980. The Old English Orosius. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Secondary Sources BartmiĔski, Jerzy & Stanisáawa Niebrzegowska (eds). 1996. Sáownik stereotypów i symboli ludowych [A dictionary of folk stereotypes and folk symbols]. Volumes I-VII. Lublin: Wydawnictwo UMCS. BartmiĔski, Jerzy. 2012. JĊzykowe podstawy obrazu Ğwiata [The linguistic principles of the image of the world]. Lublin: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Skáodowskiej. Boden, Margaret A.

The frequent use of proper nouns for seas in Orosius seems to be the result of the need to distinguish between particular geographic entities that help localize other geographic objects. 1 Numbers in the references to the quotations from Orosius refer to: volume number, chapter number, and page number/line number in Bately (1980). 2 [hyperonym] Three examples of [hyperonym] are found in Orosius. e. taste: sealtum wætre “salty water” in example (4), or according to the way it may be used by people: fleot in example (5), defined by Bosworth and Toller’s Dictionary as “place where vessels float”: (3) ic wille nu, swa ic ær gehet, þara þreora landrica gemære gereccan, hu hie mid hiera wætrum tolicgeað.

Lublin: Uniwersytet Marii CurieSkáodowskiej. THE MIDDLE ENGLISH PREPOSITION AND ADVERB ATWEN1 EWA CISZEK-KILISZEWSKA 1. Introduction The present paper discusses the Middle English preposition and adverb atwƝn “between”. The aim of the study is to re-examine the origin of atwƝn and to investigate its semantics, dialect distribution, textual distribution, the number of recorded instances and some of its syntactic characteristics. The analysis is based on the extensive linguistic material included in the Middle English Dictionary online and the Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse, as well as on a few additional complete Middle English texts.

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