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Book 1. Ch. 17. 'Kulasya va bhavedrajyam kulasamgho hi durjayah' (Kautilya) Kulasya bahuputrasamghasya bhavet; Kulatmako rajyaneta Samghah. Ganapati Sastri, Commentary, Vel. 1. p. 89 3. 11. 6. 'Karusilpiganah' f. XI· 2, 42 STUDIES IN KAUTILYA occupation unite in the pursuit of wealth and pleasure as their main aim. It is a confused medley of individuals, or an occupationless gathering. 1 Assemblies possessed of military force and function are referred to by Kautilya as Ayudhajivisamghah 2 and the leader of the assembly as Ganamukhya The term Sreni .

There is a keen appreciation of the significance of Vedic Dharma (Trayidharma) and the Srotriya has a definite place in the scheme of Kautilya's polity and he quotes the well-known statement, that guided by the SROTRIY A the Kashatriya -ruled kingdom · ' · prospers· 1 . Kautilya was a firm believer in the Brahminical theory of the Universe and a strict adherent to a social system founded on Brahminical religion and custom with its four castes and Asramas. But Kautilya was a lover of Ahimsa 2 and the prohibitionof suicide and of castration of animals are instances 1.

The PL URALISTICALLY DETERMINED MONISM 39 Guild organisation was built on sound qualities of human nature. It assumed that normal life is rest not motion, quiet not tumult, acceptance of what arrives at one's door rather than the seeking of what is not there, and a dislike to govern or. being governed by others. The normal man by instinct is a craftsman, who likes his work and to whom the deep traditions of the world teach what is worth doing an4 what is not worth it. There is an instinctive delicacy in the common mind which holds it back from the wish to coerce one's neighbours whether it be for good or for evil.

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