By Lynette K. Abbott, Daniel V. Murphy

This ebook offers a accomplished clinical evaluate of the elements and approaches that underpin the organic features of soil fertility. It demonstrates the interdependence of soil organic fertility with actual and chemical features of soil. The publication highlights the big variety of lifestyles in soil and the ensuing results that administration of land could have at the contribution of this various group to soil fertility in an agricultural context. it's turning into extra proper to discover soil organic methods when it comes to their contribution to soil fertility.

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1997, Bardgett and Cook 1998). 4. IMPROVING SOIL CHEMICAL FERTILITY WITH SOIL FAUNA Recommendations on how soil fauna might be managed to improve soil chemical fertility are dependant upon the aims of the land manager. In terms of soil N, the aims of agriculturalists might be optimal supply of nutrient, synchronous supply of nutrient with crop demands, and minimal losses of nutrients through leaching (Beare 1997, Neher 1999). Soil fauna could contribute to all of these aims, although, as outlined above, soil biologists need to define the community structures necessary for these aims to be achieved in the field.

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 51: 171-186. Douce G K and Crossley D A 1982 The effect of soil fauna on litter mass loss and nutrient loss dynamics in arctic tundra at Barrow, Alaska. Ecology 63: 523-537. Elliott E T, Horton K, Moore J C, Coleman D C and Cole C V 1984 Mineralisation dynamics in fallow dryland wheat plots, Colorado. Plant and Soil 76: 149-155. Foissner W 1992 Comparative studies on the soil life in ecofarmed and conventionally farmed fields and grasslands of Austria. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 40: 207-218.

Similarly, pesticides can have variable impacts on the soil fauna community depending upon their toxicity to species Soil Biological Fertility - A Key to Sustainable Land Use in Agriculture 27 or groups and whether they increase or decrease soil organic matter (Wardle 1995, Neher 1999). 5 Summary of Management Impacts on the Soil Fauna In general, the effects of management practices on the soil fauna are well understood. Reducing tillage tends to increase the abundance of fauna, change the relative abundance of faunal groups and occasionally alters functional or species richness.

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