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In many families, various relatives are recruited to help with individual tasks. As Pam explains: “We are a family of four. We all hold second jobs because our eBay sales are not always able to support our earnings. My father will take pictures, my mother takes care of the items, my sister and I take care of the e-mails and anything that has to do with eBay. We have had to enlist Infopia to help us manage part of our listings because we’re such a small army. m. ” CHAPTER 2: Establishing Your Identity: Your Mission and Your Web Presence Many PowerSellers, even the most successful ones, have to work “day jobs” for one reason or another.

The wholesaler then sells the merchandise to retailers, who mark up the price and sell it to the public. Where do you find a wholesaler? There’s no single answer. Sometimes, the tip comes by word of mouth. Other times, you find wholesalers on Google or on eBay itself. “Start off doing a Google search for wholesalers or liquidators,” Baboulis advises. “You will have to do a lot of footwork because there are many outfits that sell real junk. I do not sell returns so I look for overstock only. Check your local yellow pages for distributors, manufacturers, etc.

Do your CHAPTER 1: From Penniless to PowerSeller: Carving Out a Niche research thoroughly first. ” Many of the biggest eBay millionaires—individuals you’ll find profiled throughout this book—are wholesalers who came to a critical realization. They realized they were in a perfect situation to sell on eBay. They already had a ready source of merchandise they could resell at a profit. Instead of selling to retailers (or in many cases, along with continuing to supply retailers), they decided to sell directly to the public on eBay.

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