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The REG method is a general-purpose strategy for linear regression.

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Outputs the variance inflation factors to the OUTEST= data set. Use only with the RIDGE= or PCOMIT= option. 1 ˛/% confidence limits for the expected value of the dependent variable DW computes a Durbin-Watson statistic DWPROB computes a Durbin-Watson statistic and p-value INFLUENCE computes influence statistics P computes predicted values PARTIAL displays partial regression plots for each regressor PARTIALDATA displays partial regression data R produces analysis of residuals Display Options and Other Options ALL requests the following options: ACOV, CLB, CLI, CLM, CORRB, COVB, HCC, I, P, PCORR1, PCORR2, R, SCORR1, SCORR2, SEQB, SPEC, SS1, SS2, STB, TOL, VIF, XPX ALPHA= sets significance value for confidence and prediction intervals and tests NOPRINT suppresses display of results SIGMA= specifies the true standard deviation of error term for computing CP and BIC SINGULAR= sets criterion for checking for singularity 5466 ✦ Chapter 73: The REG Procedure You can specify the following options in the MODEL statement after a slash (/).

Only nonnegative numbers can be specified with the RIDGE= option. 5 illustrates this option. If you specify the RIDGE= option, RESTRICT statements are ignored. The RIDGE= option is ignored if you use the SELECTION= option in the MODEL statement. RMSE displays the root mean square error for each model selected. RSQUARE has the same effect as the EDF option. SBC outputs the SBC statistic for each model selected (Schwarz 1978; Judge et al. 1980) to the OUTEST= data set. If SELECTION=ADJRSQ, SELECTION=RSQUARE, or SELECTION=CP is specified, then the SBC statistic is also added to the SubsetSelSummary table.

LABELVARS requests that the list (excluding the intercept) of the regressors in the relevant model be used to label the model with the largest R-square statistic at each value of the number of parameters. RSTUDENTBYLEVERAGE < (LABEL) > plots studentized residuals by leverage. Observations whose studentized residuals lie outside the band between the reference lines RSTUDENT D ˙2 are deemed outliers. Observations whose leverage values are greater than the vertical reference LEVERAGE D 2p=n, where p is the number of parameters excluding the intercept and n is the number of observations used, are deemed influential (Rawlings 1998).

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