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Describes the fundamentals of utilizing PROC SQL, together with retrieving info from unmarried and a number of tables; deciding upon particular info from tables; subsetting, ordering, and summarizing information; updating tables; combining tables to create new tables and worthwhile studies; acting queries on database administration method (DBMS) tables; utilizing PROC SQL with the SAS macro facility; and debugging and optimizing PROC SQL code.

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PROC SQL provides these keywords primarily for compatibility with the other joins (OUTER, RIGHT, and LEFT JOIN). Using INNER JOIN with an ON clause provides the same functionality as listing tables in the FROM clause and specifying join columns with a WHERE clause. This code produces the same output as the previous code but uses the INNER JOIN construction. country order by barrelsperday desc; Joining Tables Using Comparison Operators Tables can be joined by using comparison operators other than the equal sign (=) in the WHERE clause (for a list of comparison operators, see “Retrieving Rows Based on a Comparison” on page 32).

The following example takes the previous example and adds an ORDER BY clause to change the order of the Location column from ascending order to descending order: proc sql; title ’Total Square Miles of Deserts and Lakes’; select Location, Type, sum(Area) as TotalArea format=comma16. 46 Chapter 2 Grouping with an ORDER BY Clause Total Square Miles of Deserts and Lakes Location Type TotalArea -------------------------------------------------Saudi Arabia Desert 250,000 Russia Lake 11,780 North America Lake 77,200 North America Desert 140,000 Europe - Asia Lake 143,550 China Desert 500,000 Canada Lake 12,275 Australia Desert 300,000 Asia Lake 25,300 Africa Desert 3,725,000 Africa Lake 50,958 Grouping with Missing Values When a column contains missing values, PROC SQL treats the missing values as a single group.

Countries order by Population; Note: When you use an ORDER BY clause, you change the order of the output but not the order of the rows that are stored in the table. 16 The PROC SQL default sort order is ascending. Sorting by Column Country Populations Name Population ----------------------------------------------Vatican City 1,010 Tuvalu 10,099 Nauru 10,099 Turks and Caicos Islands 12,119 Leeward Islands 12,119 Cayman Islands 23,228 San Marino 24,238 Liechtenstein 30,297 Gibraltar 30,297 Monaco 31,307 Saint Kitts and Nevis 41,406 Marshall Islands 54,535 Sorting by Multiple Columns You can sort by more than one column by specifying the column names, separated by commas, in the ORDER BY clause.

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