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These adolescents have lots of purposes to be indignant: parental abuse, road violence, peer strain, powerlessness, and extra. The writers speak truthfully approximately anger dealing with as they try to realize keep watch over in their feelings and forestall hurting others and themselves.

Real teenager Voices Series

Teens confide in inform own tales that take on tricky, real-life concerns. Direct, revealing, and infrequently uncooked, those voices will ring precise for any youngster reader who has confronted bullying, anger, or rigidity. every piece has been chosen and edited to entice reluctant and rising readers as younger as 7th grade. Readers should be encouraged by means of the writers' braveness and energy in operating tough to beat difficulties either huge and small.

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My anger started around this time. I began exploding at my friends and loved ones. If someone close to me took their bad day out on me, I would get really frustrated and start saying harsh things to hurt them. Then I would turn around and regret everything I said. My emotions felt out of control. My anger came from the abuse I had experienced throughout my life, and from the silence I didn’t break when I had had enough of it. Nobody seemed to care two egg rolls about me. It made me so angry. I wanted to walk away from those feelings so much.

They weren’t getting enough thrills from just shoving me, so they started cursing and spitting at me, too. I started getting really aggravated. Then I remembered something Mr. Sloan had told me when I asked him what to do when someone bothers you. “Lowlifes like these do not deserve the time and energy you put into punching them out,” he said. ” I cooled down and started walking away. The two guys saw that I was not affected by their stupid remarks. ” It was ironic how I wanted to learn karate so that I could beat up people like these, and then, when I got the chance, I didn’t go through with it.

That was scary. It left me feeling confused and a little helpless for a while. But I also realized that having experienced all that made me even more determined not to hit kids for no reason. That gave me more motivation to work on my temper, and, slowly, I taught myself how to relax my mind and not snap over something that wasn’t worth it. Instead, I found that crying, speaking about my anger, taking a walk, or cleaning helped me feel better. I discovered that there was a strange consequence to me learning to control my temper.

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