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The on-device footprint is about 10 KB and requires fewer than one hundred bytes of runtime memory. The downside is a 5 % increase in class file size. Typically, compilation, pre-verification and packaging are automated by tools, such as the KToolbar, available with Sun’s J2ME Wireless Toolkit, as we will discuss later in this chapter. exe; and the packaging tool, jar. These commands are also available on the command line (see Appendix 3). Once this process has been completed we are nearly ready to run the MIDlet suite.

4 Security Implementing a full J2SE-style security policy requires a large amount of memory that is not available to typical CLDC devices. * and other profile or system-specific packages; this is governed by a class lookup which is performed during class verification and provides the reason for the pre-verification stage of MIDlet (the basic MIDP application structure) packaging. 2. 2 MIDP The Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) combined with CLDC provides a more focused platform for mobile information devices, such mobile phones and entry-level PDAs.

The next one will only start once the previous one has finished, this will even be true when there is a series of events to be processed. In this case the callbacks are processed as soon as possible after the last UI callback has returned. The implementation also guarantees that a call to run(), requested by a call to callSerially(), is made after any pending repaint() requests have been satisfied. serviceRepaints() method is called by the MIDlet. paint() method to be invoked by the implementation and then waits for it to complete.

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