By Ian Griffiths, Matthew Adams, Jesse Liberty

With its aid for dynamic programming, C# 4.0 keeps to adapt as a flexible language by itself. but if C# is used with .NET Framework four, the combo is quite robust. This bestselling instructional indicates you the way to construct net, computing device, and wealthy web purposes utilizing C# 4.0 with .NET's database functions, UI framework (WPF), huge verbal exchange companies (WCF), and extra. during this 6th variation, .NET specialists Ian Griffiths, Matthew Adams, and Jesse Liberty disguise the most recent improvements to C#, in addition to the basics of either the language and framework. you are going to research concurrent programming with C# 4.0, and the way to exploit .NET instruments comparable to the Entity Framework for simpler facts entry, and the Silverlight platform for browser-based RIA development.Learn C# basics, comparable to variables, movement regulate, loops, and strategies construct advanced courses with object-oriented and practical programming thoughts approach huge collections of information with the local question gains in LINQ converse throughout networks with home windows verbal exchange origin (WCF) research the benefits of C# 4.0's dynamic language good points construct interactive home windows functions with home windows Presentation origin (WPF) Create wealthy internet functions with Silverlight and ASP.NET

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Second, human-readable representations are relatively hard work for computers to process—computers are more at home with binary than with text. Compilation provides the opportunity to convert all the human-readable text into a form more convenient for the computer in advance. So compiled code tends to run faster than a system that works directly with the source. (In fact, although JavaScript was not designed to be compiled, modern JavaScript engines have taken to compiling script after downloading it to speed things up.

So in practice, int is the most widely used integer type. The fact that C# even offers you all these other choices can seem a little archaic—it harks back to the time when computers had so little memory that 32-bit numbers looked like an expensive choice. It gets this from its C-family connections, but it does turn out to be useful to have this control when you need to work directly with Windows APIs, as you’ll see in Chapter 19. Notice that most of the types in Table 2-1 have two names. Int64.

But this is just a convention, and one that is only loosely followed. Libraries are often, but not always, named after the namespace with which they are most strongly associated, but it’s common for a library to define types in several different namespaces and it’s common for a namespace’s types to be distributed across several different libraries. ) Namespaces and Libraries The distribution of types across DLLs in the class library is driven by a combination of efficiency requirements and history.

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