By Elizanilda Ramalho do Rêgo, Mailson Monteiro do Rêgo, Fernando Luiz Finger

The e-book comprises points of creation, genetics and breeding of Capsicum species with emphasis on fruit caliber, yield and its dietary features between with a few particular chapters concentrating on breeding and physiological gains of potted decorative Chili and responses to abiotic tension and postharvest of end result.

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Food Chem 94:394–398 Pretel MT, Serrano M, Amoros A, Riquelme F, Romajoro F (1995) Non-involvement of ACC and ACC oxidase activity in pepper fruit ripening. Postharvest Biol Technol 5:295–302 Purvis A (2002) Regulation and role of the alternative oxidase in chilling injury of green bell pepper (Capsicum annuum). L. M. Pereira Saltveit JRME (1977) Carbon dioxide, ethylene, and color development in ripening mature green bell peppers. J Am Soc Hortic Sci 120:523–525 Shewfelt RL (1993) Stress physiology: a cellular approach to quality.

The ideal harvest is visually determined when the fruits reach the maximum size and growth of the typical format of each species with specific color demanded by the market. Mature green fruits for “Cambuci” pepper, red for chili “Malagueta”, yellow or red pepper to “Pimenta de Bode”, yellow color for “Cumari”, and light yellow to “Murupi” fruits. Peppers are harvested by hand, tearing up the fruits of plants with or without stems, depending on the type of pepper and the target market. The Dedo de Moça for the fresh fruit market should be harvested with the stem, which improves the appearance and preservation of fruits.

Baccatum var. pendulum (Scaldaferro et al. 2013a) polyploids were obtained by gamma-ray and X-ray induction, respectively, and had their cytogenetic and somatic effects evaluated. With the aim of localizing some enzyme-coding genes and their linkage relationships in pepper, Tanksley (1984) analyzed cultivars NM6-4 (C. annuum), CA4 (C. chinense), and their hybrids during mitosis and meiosis and also verified the pollen grain viability of both parents and progenies. In addition, the author utilized primary trisomics from progenies of C.

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