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That camps in East Ham or on Wanstead Flats, Stratford East were causing anxiety locally? Would he secure other sites further removed from populated areas for this purpose? A harassed Arthur Henderson 37 Prisoners of England explained that these camps were available at a time when temporary accommodation had to be found for a considerable influx of prisoners. They would be moved to permanent accom~ modation before the end of October. Other complaints mirrored the atmosphere of the time. Why was penicillin, the new wonder drug, which had at this juncture made its first appearance on an astonished world, available to German prisoners and not to British civilians?

One of the men had been aU-boat commander. " When this U-boat man left, he stood outside the hut leaning against the door- and he was over 6 foot tall- crying like a baby. He left an envelope to be opened after he'd gone. It contained his tag. ' 3 Screening, July 1944 By comparison with conditions at the Front, life in Britain seemed comfortable, if not luxurious, injuly 1944. To the prisoners, warm baths and comfortable railway compartments were a source of considerable pleasure. But in fact the British people at this time were still faced with severe food, petrol and clothes rationing.

A day or so later, some fifty men who had come with us were taken off to another camp. Choice depended on which unit one belonged to. On the following day, I too was informed that I had to pack my kitbag. 'I myself as well as the others selected would have been very happy to remain in the time-tested comradeship and sober work atmosphere of that camp. 'We had to spend our last Lagergeld, that unconvertible currency, in a hurry in the canteen. As a non-smoker, I was so wealthy that I bought myself a clothes brush, the dearest item generally to be obtained.

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