By P. R. Adiga, G. L. Prasad (auth.), Arthur W. Galston, Terence A. Smith (eds.)

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Pleurocarpous Mosses: Systematics and Evolution

The shift from conventional taxonomic tips on how to data-oriented, analytical cladistic methodologies has ended in a greater figuring out of organic methods and extra actual classifications for quite a lot of organisms, together with mosses. Pleurocarpous Mosses: Systematics and Evolution explores the impression of those tools via fresh breakthroughs in study at the evolution and phylogeny of pleurocarpous mosses.

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Pythagoras, the traditional Greek mathematician, didn't himself devour fava beans in any shape; in reality, he banned his fans from consuming them. Cultural geographer Frederick Simoons disputes the rivalry that Pythagoras tested that ban simply because he well-known the chance of favism, a affliction that afflicts genetically-predisposed people who devour fava beans.

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J BioI Chern 256:9532-9541 69. Srivenugopal KS and Adiga PR (1983) Putrescine synthase from Lathyrus sativus (Grass pea) seedlings. Methods Enzymol 94:335-339 70. Suresh MR and Adiga PR (1977) Putrescine sensitive (artifactual) and insensitive (biosynthetic) S-adenosyl-L-methionine decarboxylase of Lathyrus sativus seedlings. Eur J Biochem 79: 511-518 71. Suresh MR, Ramakrishna Sand Adiga PR (1978) Relation of arginine decarboxylase and putrescine levels in Cucumis sativus cotyledons. Phytochem 17: 57-63 72.

Although affinity chromatography on homoarginine-Sepharose and lysineSepharose could be employed for purification of this enzyme, further attempts to obtain a homogeneous preparation of the protein and extensive characterization are severely hampered by the extremely labile nature of its catalytic activities (GL Prasad and PR Adiga, unpublished observations). It is pertinent to mention that although both ARG and homoarginine undergo similar metabolic transformations to give rise to their respective diamines, different enzymes are involved in their metabolism.

5 Nil Yes One Homogeneous Cucumis sativus a tv ' -" - - 214 [12] Interestingly, ADC activity is known to be elevated in embryonic cells of Daucus carota [33]. Recently, enhanced ADC and PA levels have been shown as essential concomitants for embryogenesis in wild carrot [15]. It has been claimed that gibberellic acid treatment promotes PA biosynthesis in light grown dwarf peas as a consequence of ADC stimulation [14]. Furthermore the enzyme activity seems to be elevated in crown-gall tissues of Scorzonera hispanica [64].

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