By Kingsbury, Noël; Oudolf, Piet

Planting, through famed panorama architects Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury, is a groundbreaking second in horticulture. it's the first booklet to percentage Oudolf's unique planting plans and plant groupings and the one e-book to explicitly express how his gardens and landscapes are made. An intimate wisdom of crops is vital to the luck of this method and Planting makes Oudolf's substantial realizing of plant  Read more...

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Often these are planted up with a carefully selected vegetation, usually locally native species which can survive periodic inundation but dry conditions too. More ornamental planting combinations are, however, also possible. Again, the emphasis is on mixtures of species. This swale, designed by Nigel Dunnett for London’s Olympic Park, illustrates well a basic concept of sustainable drainage schemes. Drainage water is collected in the lowest part of the site and allowed to drain slowly into the water table, with only the excess being taken off site.

A great deal of the landscape planting with which we are familiar is composed of blocks, usually of shrubs, while much of the conventional advice about gardens of the average suburban size was to plant in groups of odd numbers. This convention of monocultural block planting is very much a creation of the twentieth century. The dominance of the monocultural block as the basic unit of planting in public landscapes and to a lesser (and, needless to say, smaller) extent in private gardens can possibly be seen as a way of simplifying the cost of labor.

Chapter four on performance looks at issues crucial to the long-term survival and spread of perennial plants, but also at death and disappearance. Such issues are vital to understand, not just for the ongoing management of plantings but also at the planning stage. A fifth chapter covers the work of others who are at the naturalistic cutting-edge in planting design. Whereas Piet’s work can be seen as an artistically stylised version of natural habitats, most other practitioners in the field are more concerned with a randomizing of individual plants from a carefully researched selection.

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