By Котеров Д.В., Костарев А.Ф.

Рассматриваются основы функционирования Web-серверов, сборка исполняемого модуля РНР в ОС Unix, инструментарий Web-разработчика (в том числе утилиты отладки сценариев), синтаксис и стандартные функции языка. Приведено описание функций РНР для работы с массивами, файлами, СУБД MySQL, регулярными выражениями формата PCRE, графическими примитивами, почтой, сессиями и т. д. Особое внимание уделено новым возможностям языка по работе с XML-документами, объектно-ориентированному программированию, а также подходам к отделению РНР-кода от HTML-шаблонов сайта.

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X on your machine, you might be tempted, as we were, to test the browser’s capability to run a Java applet. html. List). 5, and it does not contain the Swing library. This means, for example, that any applet created with the Swing GUI will also not function with the Java virtual machine built into Internet Explorer. In Chapter 9, “Java Applet Plugged In: BonForumRobot,” we discuss using the Java plug-in from Sun, which enables you to run Java applets in most Web browsers, including those brands and versions that have no built-in capability to run applets.

Due to license restrictions, we cannot put the documentation on the book’s CDROM. This also gives you the advantage of a using the searchable version of the documentation. 3\lib, and so on. The SDK comes with its own copy of the Runtime Environment, so you do not need to install it separately to develop Java software. You cannot redistribute the SDK itself; you can distribute only the Runtime Environment. You should definitely check out the wealth of other useful material that is dynamically made available to you on the Sun Java Web site.

We hope that the next edition of this book will more explicitly cover the use of our chosen Web application tools on Linux-powered servers. In the meantime, as you are learning Web application development on an NT Server, you can rest assured that your newly acquired skills can be easily transplanted to UNIX-type operating systems. This will enable you to compile and run our Web application example project. To follow along and to get the real value of hands-on programming, you should first make sure that you can compile and run Java 2 source code on your own system.

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