By L.; marton, Claire; McGee, J. D.; McMullan, D.; Kahan, E.; Morgan, B. L. Marton

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J . Inst. Television Engrs Japaib 15, 459 (1961). 9. Schade, 0. , J . Motion Picture Televis. Emgrs 73, 8 1 (1964). This Page Intentionally Left Blank Calculation of the Modulation Transfer Function of an Image Tube A. M. STARK, D. L. LAMPORT a n d A . W. WOODHEAD Mullard Research Laboratories, Redhill, S i m e y , England INTRODUCTION Over the past few years a great deal of effort has been spent in trying to solve electron-optical problems using digital computers. The success of this has had a profound effect on the methods used t o design image converters.

Optimum value of a to distinguish thr stripes of output image having a spatial froquenry F,,in tho case where quantum noise is predominant. Full line, theoretical curve; points marked 0 , 0, data by skilled observers; +, X , data by inexperiencod observers. photocathode, and the output image was observed in the same way as in the preceding experiment. f. extends to the higher frequencies), the NIN is so bad that the stripes of the signal can hardly be distinguished (Fig. 8(b)) especially when thc output, image light level is low.

They are described in a report2 submitted t o IRIS in 1966 and are reproduced below with several changes in notation whereby input irradiance is indicated by J and intensifier ANALYSIS OF IMAGE INTENSIFICATION 579 light output by L, since the Daly report was originally drawn up for signal generating tubes. There are numerous factors that influence the relationship between the output signal and the input irradiance, one of which is the steady state current of the tube upon which the video signal rides.

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