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The curves are labeled with the FWHM event size (in pixels). The small-scale structure in the curves is due to digitization noise (7-bit accuracy). (b) Error in calculated centroid of event as a function of true centroid position, for Fairchild CCD in vertical direction. The curves are labeled with the FWHM event size (in pixels). Digitization accuracy is 8 bits. Note that if the photon events from the MCP are appreciably noncircular (due, for instance, to bias angle effects), there may be some advantage in aligning the major axes of the events with the longer vertical pixel dimension of the CCD.

Examples of the results obtained (with differing levels of digitization noise, otherwise noise-free) are shown in Fig. 2; these are discussed in more detail below. Interline Transfer CCDs Figure 2a shows the results obtained for the ILT CCD, for the horizontal direction, in red light (650-750 nm) and with a low level of digitization error corresponding to about 7-bit accuracy in this case. The graphs (each curve labeled by p , the FWHM event size) show how the error in the position of the centroid depends upon position in the pixel.

Color Imaging A color image of a very faint object was taken by the PIAS. An object illuminated by a tungsten lamp through many neutral density filters was observed using three color filters in turn. The three images stored in three frame memories were then superimposed. The necessary weighting function was calculated from the transmittance of each filter. Color imaging could be very important in application fields such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, and so on. Astronomy The prototype PIAS has been used in astronomical observations at Tokyo Astronomical Observatory.

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