By Molly Holzschlag, Jason Pellerin

Perl website Workshop is geared toward internet designers and builders who are looking to upload Perl-based CGI purposes and features to their sites utilizing pre-fabricated scripts which could quick and simply be personalized to fit their wishes. It teaches the reader tips to adapt and customise pre-programmed scripts for: varieties, Guestbooks, Time monitors, hyperlink checkers and debuggers, Browser detectors, Cookies, Hit counters, consumer polls, video games, Publishing templates, modules, and utilities, Portals.

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The second sets permissions for the owner of the file, the third for the owning group, and the last for all other users. The numbers are a combination of three bits, with values of 4, 2, and 1. If a number has a 4 in it, the user can read the file. If it has a 2, he can write to (and delete) the file. If it has a 1, she can execute that file as a program. pl gives all users all permissions for the file. chmod 744 filename means that the owner can read, write, and execute, but every body else can only read.

Html Chapter 2 Getting Ready to Design with Perl 23 Web Browser Everyone has a favorite Web browser. In fact, Jason prefers Galeon, a Mozilla-based browser for the GNOME desktop, while Molly tends to work with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer more frequently. Any Web designer worth his or her salt knows that no matter the favored browser, staying current with browsers as well as having several types on which to test the way your designs look, feel, and function is not a frivolity—it’s a necessity.

Pm also allows you to use its functions in different ways. If you’re comfortable with object-oriented programming, you can use the object interface, as we do in most of the examples in this book. If you’re just starting out, the functional interface may be easier to get along with. Just bear in mind that although it’s less flexible, there’s also less that you have to remember. hand-coding any HTML at all. This is particularly advantageous in that it streamlines code and makes the coding process quicker and more efficient.

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