By Victoria V Roshchina, Valentina D. Roshchina

Ozone is a standard constituent of air yet this fuel turns into risky for dwelling organism whilst its focus within the troposphere is simply too excessive. such a lot earlier reports of this substance tested it purely in its position as an earth reveal for the biosphere or an air pollutant. This e-book also will view its derivatives (active oxygen species) at a molecular and mobile point, as ingredients that experience either confident and unwanted effects on flora. Plant cells may be regarded as either recipients and resources of ozone, in addition to attainable biosensors and bioindicators for high and low concentrations of the compound.

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If the stomata are closed, then the main flow of ozone passes through the cuticle along a pathway that also should be given some consideration. Cuticle. The cuticle absorbs part of the ozone, contacting the surface of a vegetative cell. The rest of 0 3 transgresses the cuticle to enter the interior · structure. Ozone absorption and its transmission across the cuticle are important areas of research for analysis of the ozone effects in vivo (Ledzian and Kerstiens, 1988; 1991). The physiological and chemical structures of cuticle play an important role in both the absorptive and transmitting processes.

If the exposure to the gas is, in total, about 3-9 hours and if there is not any subsequent treatment, the leaves develop normally, and the fluorescing pots disappear after 2-3 weeks of growth. Apparently, there are active reparation processes that take place in such cases. In conditions, involving chronic fumigation with ozone > 12-15 hours, the sensitive plants of Plantago major develop necrotic pots or other symptoms in the sites on a leaf where fluorescing pots appear. As illustrated by the spectra of leaf fluorescing pots in Raphanus sativus, the composition of the products formed in response to ozonolysis are rather similar to the lipophilic content of secretory hairs (Roshchina and Melnikova, 2000).

0 3 must transgress a cell wall, an extracellular space between the cell wall and plasmic membrane, and then plasmalemma itself before it enters cytoplasm. If the primary site of ozone damage is the plasmalemma, all other symptoms of cellular damage observed under the microscope as well as any other metabolic disturbances are not necessarily a direct effect of this gas. 1989). Such a possibility would be explained by the high reactivity of 0 3 , contacting with components of plasmatic membrane.

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