By Raphaely D., Gregoire J.

The Oracle C++ name Interface (OCCI) is an program programming interface (API) that enables purposes written in C++ to have interaction with a number of Oracle database servers. OCCI provides your courses the power to accomplish the entire diversity of database operations which are attainable with an Oracle database server, together with SQL assertion processing and item manipulation.

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It is also the standard language used to access and manipulate data in modern relational and object-relational database systems. In a procedural language program, the execution of most statements depends on previous or subsequent statements and on control structures, such as loops or conditional branches, which are not available in SQL. The procedural nature of these languages makes them more complex than SQL, but it also makes them very flexible and powerful. The combination of both nonprocedural and procedural language elements in an OCCI program provides easy access to an Oracle database in a structured programming environment.

You can dereference the overloaded arrow (->) operator on an object reference to transparently materialize the object from the database into the application space. Metadata Class Each Oracle datatype is represented in OCCI by a C++ class. The class exposes the behavior and characteristics of the datatype by overloaded operators and methods. For example, the Oracle datatype NUMBER is represented by the Number class. OCCI provides a metadata class that enables you to retrieve metadata describing database objects, including object types.

Similarly, when you know that you need to execute a query, you use executeQuery. If your application needs to allow for dynamic events and you cannot be sure of which statement will need to be executed at run time, then OCCI provides the execute method. Invoking the execute method returns one of the following statuses: ■ UNPREPARED ■ PREPARED ■ RESULT_SET_AVAILABLE ■ UPDATE_COUNT_AVAILABLE ■ NEEDS_STREAM_DATA ■ STREAM_DATA_AVAILABLE While invoking the execute method will return one of these statuses, you can also interrogate the statement by using the status method.

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