By Klaus M. Rodewig, Amin Negm-Awad

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3. py file in the message inbox by selecting it. The message inbox handler will recognize it as a PyS60 file and display a popup note. 10), choose ‘Python script’. Your Python script is automatically installed to the correct place. Now you can test the script. 10 Installing a Python script 3. 1) on the desktop or inside the appropriate subfolder on your phone. 4(b)). py, from the list and select ‘OK’. Your script should now start up and you should see a green line stating Hello world! 5). Congratulations!

Py, from the list and select ‘OK’. Your script should now start up and you should see a green line stating Hello world! 5). Congratulations! You have successfully written and executed your script with PyS60! To go through all the examples in the book, just repeat steps 2–4 for each new script. Have fun with it! 2 Installing Python for S60 on 2nd Edition Devices We assume that your computer has either a built-in Bluetooth capability or an external Bluetooth dongle. You should have Bluetooth working on your computer.

Query(u"Do you word:", "text") number:", "number") date:", "date") time:", "time") password:", "code") like PyS60", "query") Since Symbian OS and the S60 platform are used all over the world, they need to be able to show text written in various languages and writing systems. Unicode provides a consistent way to encode text written in any writing system. In order to be globally compatible, all text-related NATIVE UI ELEMENTS – DIALOGS, MENUS AND SELECTION LISTS 35 functionalities in S60 and Symbian OS accept only Unicode strings.

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